Välkommen på mellandagsyoga 2019!

REaching for the stars med Janni!

RE charge and Reset yogaclass

Inspired by the end and the start of a new year, there are moments in time that we loose our commitment to self-care or connection to ourselves and a “reset” is needed to get us back on track. This yogaclass offers a variety of postures and flows which require you to be present during the intense moments and gentle in the soft moments.

”a little bit of efford, a little bit of ease”




27e december, 11.30-13.30

28e december, 11.30-13.30

30 december, 17.15-19.15

VAR? Yoga Treats, Kastellgatan 22, Göteborg

PRIS? 400 kr/klass, 2 klass 700:-/ 3 klass 1000:-

Anmälan senast 13e december då det är begränsat antal platser!



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Betalning sker till plusgiro: 609072-4 eller bankgiro: 778-6445 eller swish till 0730-512300 efter bekräftelse

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